fresh young coconut

Young coconut: lots of vitamins and great photos

As you could look up at my instagram, I’m deeply in love with young coconuts. I love to drink coconut water, to eat coconut meat (to tell the truth it’s the only kind of meat I appreciate, heh) and to take pics with coconuts. The reason of my love is not only yummy filling of this pretty nut, but also its beautiful appearance. Young coconuts are very good stuff to take photos with or to take pics of. Sure, I love to chill on a white sand beach and enjoy fresh coconut water (but who does not?). And coconut water and coconut meat contain great number of vitamins and minerals. It’s a great food for hot midday in tropical paradise or if you wanna loose some weight. But let’s consider young coconut from another point of view. Let’s check out its photogenic properties.

Meet the first one – beautiful young coconut from Sari Organic. Young coconut juice – what can be better when you have a break in a hot midday!

how to eat a young coconut

By the way in that place I had yummy salad with coconut meat.

coconut meat salad

And sure me and this pretty young coconut at famous Sari Organic.

young coconut water

Beach and young coconut are made to appear in one photo. They perfectly fit each other!

fresh young coconut

And one more proof of it.

young coconut juice

If you’re lucky to be on a tropical island, in almost every local shop you can find this beauty. What you love more: green

young coconut nutrition

or yellow-brown ones?

fresh young coconut

So if you need a good idea about your vacation photos – get it 😉



rice field trail

Gateaway in Ubud: rice fields walk

Today we’ll take a walk deep into the very heart of Bali – rice fields of Ubud. It’s a great idea if you’re looking for relax, fresh air and power of nature. If you’re sick and tired of noisy megapolis, annoying daily routine in your office, you’ll return to life here – while walking among rice paddies in Ubud and thinking of eternity.

rice fields

Most of all I like two trails in Ubud rice fields. First one is Campuhan Ridge (this is famous road recommended by Lonely Planet).

This trail is rather narrow (sure it’s not an asphalt road) and looks very nice.

rice field trail

trail among rice fieldsAnd I love it for its beautiful views of Ubud rice terraces and green hills, endless rice fields. So if you’re fond of green color – this is your place: everything green, green, green and sometimes white and blue (I mean the sky).

How to find this incredible trail in rice fields of Ubud?

rice fields UbudIt starts from the main street Jalan Raya Ubud and stretches to the north. Landmark is a signpost “Blanco Museum” in the left part of the street (if Ubud Art Market and King’s Palace are behind you). You should turn right before this signpost to the steeply descending road. GPS coordinates of the beginning of the trail -8.504572, 115.255636. Skipping a high school in the very first point of the road you’ll see an ancient temple with breathtaking view of a high bridge above the mountain raging river opposite the temple.

Campuhan road UbudYou can stop here to shot this mystic view.

rice terrace ubud


rice paddiesYou’ll surely get photos like from National Geographic magazine.

green fields Ubud After this spot starts our trail in Ubud rice fields. Here you can see descending banks of small rivers, a quantity of palms, bushes, trees with hanging lianas and villas, houses and hotels far on opposite river banks.

Ubud walk - rice fields And after all this are famous rice fields and rice paddies of Ubud. Looks like you’re in a fairy tail! From afar you’ll see tiny houses looking at you out of green fields of Ubud. You can stop to look or buy some arts of local artisans (the prices here are inflated).

rice paddies Ubud

Sari Organic Ubud

And the second trail in rice fields of Ubud is the way to a famous Sari Organic. This place is one of the oldest cafes in Ubud.

Sari organic UbudArtists from the middle of last century loved to visit this spot to take a brake and enjoy incredible sunset here. You’ll easily find this place if you start at point with GPS coordinates -8.505097, 115.257986. At the very beginning of your way you should turn left to keep the right direction and then just follow the trail and plenty of tourists :) You can enjoy rice fields of Ubud, beautiful green paddies and unbelievably fresh air.

Sari Organic viewIn the second part of the day sun doesn’t shine very brightly, it becomes cloudy – it’s the best time for walking while it’s not so hot. So you’ll reach the famous Sari Organic Ubud, just take a break and chill in the shadow of eco roof. In Sari Organic you can find plenty of healthy food grown in their own organic farm in neighborhood. You can have a proper lunch or just enjoy a young coconut water to freshen up.

Use this map to be sure you’re using right way

Rice fields trails map Ubud, Bali


rice paddies walk in Ubud

Ubud travel guide

Ubud village, BaliUbud is incredible small village in Bali. Most of tourists see Ubud as very huge region in the central part of Bali. Actually it’s just a few streets, but neighbor villages look like Ubud, so all of them seems Ubud from stranger’s point of view. Let’s meet this enigmatic place. My Ubud travel guide will help you in your acquaintance with this village and you’ll discover the very soul of ancient Ubud.

What to do in Ubud, Bali

First of all Ubud’s soul is rice fields and a quantity of tiny rivers descending from mountains. You should try a cycling tour or a walk among rice fields and terraces first of all. It’s better to stay here for at least 3-4 days to feel the atmosphere of this place, because it can’t be experienced in a hurry of bus tours and fast visit of Art Market and King’s Palace. Ubud is meditation, deliberation and mind free of rush. I’d advice you to stay in a place with rice terraces view, find calm Balinese music and chill for a day or so and let your thoughts flow free.

Rice paddies in Ubud, Bali

Every proper Ubud travel guide should start with trails in rice fields.

Ubud rice field trail

There’re three trails worth walking. All of them start at the main street of Ubud (Jl. Raya Ubud) and stretch about 2-4 kilometers to the north. Trail No 1 also called Campuhan Ridge (GPS coordinates -8.504572, 115.255636). And the second one is the way to a famous Sari Organic cafe (starts here -8.505097, 115.257986).

You can easily find these trails using my map of Ubud

Rice fields trails map Ubud, Bali

You can rent a bike in Jl. Raya Ubud (central street of Ubud) and take a ride along one (or maybe both) of these trails.

What to do in Ubud next? When you’re enough relaxed and tired of chilling it’s time to visit Sacred Monkey Forest.

Sacred Monkey Forest

It’s easy to locate on a map of Ubud, Bali. Be attentive when entering this place, you’d better hide everything monkeys can steal, because if one of them catch something you gonna loose this battle. Though there’s a huge crowd of tourists, in some spots you can find spirit of ancient sacred temple.

Also Ubud King’s Palace is worth visiting.

Ubud King's Palace, Bali

This tour not gonna be long, because tourists are not allowed inside it (and by the way it’s very tiny palace), you’ll just see the garden and take some shots of its exterior. The Palace is situated on Jl. Raya Ubud (you can easily spot it on any map) just opposite Ubud Art Market.

And when you’re done with spiritual part of your journey, you can enjoy shopping (sure, if you like it). The most popular shopping center here is Ubud Art Market.

Art Market Ubud, Bali

Prices here (as at any Asian market) are overestimated and you’re supposed to haggle. All the sellers are easy-going, so you can reduce the price by half. Also you can take a walk along Monkey Forest Road (Jalan Monkey Forest), there’re plenty of different interesting shops.

Map of Ubud, Bali

For better understanding of location you can check interactive map of Ubud, Bali.

And there’s a map of Ubud with marked spots worth visiting.

Ubud sights map


1 and 2 – rice field trails

3 – Scared Monkey Forest

4 – Ubud King’s Palace

5 – Ubud Art Market

6 – Monkey Forest Road

Hope my Ubud travel guide and map of Ubud will make your trip easier!

Bali cheap hotels

Dreams come true: Bali cheap hotels

If you’re looking for cheap and comfortable accommodation in Bali, you’re lucky. There are plenty of high quality guesthouses and hotels with cheap prices. Let me introduce you some Bali cheap hotels.

Dewa Hostel

cheap hotel Ubud Bali

Smart decision for those who appreciate hostels. This hostel is very stylish and modern designed. Located in heart of Bali – Ubud (in the very center of Ubud – near Monkey Forest and Ubud Art Market), just 5 minutes walk from Ubud King’s Palace.

Dewa Hostel in Ubud

Everything you need is just come and stay here – you’ll discover enigmatic Ubud. If you have not huge budget for holiday and love Bali – this cheap hotel can be great deal for you: comfortable, low price and good located – all you need here.

Pondok Tepi Kali

cheap hotel in Kuta Bali

If you are not ready for spending your holiday in hostel in Bali, this cheap hotel will satisfy you. The best location for surfers and those who likes nights out. This hotel is situated in Kuta – center of night life and the greatest surf spot in Bali. If you’re looking for noisy night clubs and other entertainment in Bali this cheap hotel is for you.

Bukit Kembar Ecotourism

ecotourism in Bali

And finally if you’re an adventure seeker you’ll like this hotel. You can live in a tent for just about 32$  a week. That’s big pleasure and great experience of unity with nature. Situation of this cheap hotel is excellent. Bedugul Botanica Garden is 8 km away from here.

cheap hotel near Lake Buyan in Bali

And Lake Buyan is just in 10 minutes walk from this accommodation. What can be better for ecotourism lover then to wake up and see this beautiful waterfalls!


melia Bali resort

Luxury hotels in Nusa Dua: Melia Bali

Not so long ago I stayed at luxury Melia Bali hotel. Huge beautiful resort with large territory situated in Nusa Dua. That was chilling week, because this place is designed for relaxing, there’s everything you need for calm days off at a beach.

Melia Bali review: polite staffEveryday you’ll find nice weather broadcast with a flower on your bed. Sure in our hi-tech century you don’t actually need a weather broadcast as it is, but this pretty token looks cute and a little naive. I appreciate such attention. I believe this sign gonna make any weather very good no way if it’s rainy or sunny. Actually I like any weather in this magic island.


Melia Bali in Nusa Dua is one of the best hotels Bali with reasonable prices. It has huge and well maintained territory. If you’re a photographer you won’t be bored cause  there’re so many spots to take pics.

melia Bali resort

And though Melia Bali hotel is not new (year of construction is 1986), but it is maintained in quite good condition. All the lawns are well groomed, beach is clean.

Melia resort Bali

By the way I am to note that all the beaches in Bali are public, the only exception – hotels in Nusa Dua (Melia Bali and some others). Places like Melia resort Bali have private beach. It’s clean and never crowded so you have everything to relax here.

Melia Bali beach

Melia Bali poolMelia Bali pool is not very large in comparison with some other luxury beach hotels, but in spite of it I liked this pool. It’s beautifully decorated and always clean. I’ve never seen any garbage or dirty water in it. I appreciate this lovely design.





Such nice elements of decor make it very pretty.

Melia Bali resort pool



Oh my! Isn’t it Paradise? So green and blue… I believe I can spend here the whole life 😉

Melia Bali resort pool view

Except usual chaise-longues there are a few beautiful arbors.

Melia Bali hotel Nusa Dua

Restaurants in hotel Melia Bali are adorable. I mean design and especially ocean view. Food is yummy. The only thing is fruits – they are not mellow at all (actually fruits are not from Bali).

Melia Bali restaurants

But iced tea and lemonade are delicious.

Melia resort Bali review restaurant

Inside the hotel building everything is clean and well designed.

Melia Bali hotel Nusa Dua review

These cute creatures climb the palms and sometimes come down to steal some nuts from your plate.

IMG_1032-(1)So I was very glad with the week I spent at Melia Bali hotel. Especially I liked politeness and smiles of staff. Actually they always smile and say “hello”. It’s great value! If you meet them in the morning, be sure, they’ll made your day!


Bali Sanur

Beach days in Bali: Sanur

relaxing on Sanur beachSanur is one of the best resorts of Bali. Sanur is stretched along the seaside. It’s also the longest beach in Bali. Spending your holiday here is the best idea if you’re looking for chilling on the beach, swimming in Indian ocean and have some not very noisy fun. This place is created for  leisure. Just imagine – you, deck chair, sun and ocean! What else do you need? Well, maybe a soft drink and good music. All this is possible. Come to Bali, Sanur and check it out. Bali is not an island of perfect beaches with white sand, but this place is incredible: beautiful seaside with quite good sand about 5 kilometers long – nearly paradise.


How to spend time in Bali, Sanur

Except relaxing on warm sand, you can rent a cycle and enjoy viewing the ocean while riding along endless beautiful beach.

the longest beach in Bali - Sanur

It’s one of the best ideas. You can make a stop at one  of quantity of beach cafes and have a fresh or a cup of coffee. Great ocean view is for free! Just enjoy.

Sanur beach Bali

In addition to this program you can go boating or sailing: there are plenty of different boats, sailers, etc.


Perfect weather and nice beach are waiting for you in Sanur, Bali.

Sanur is the longest beach in Bali

What beach you should visit in Bali? – Sanur, sure Sanur! It’s very clean, huge and the prettiest beach you can find here.



Pasar Badung Denpasar Bali

Center of Bali – Denpasar

Denpasar is the central city and capital of Indonesian province Bali.  International airport of Bali Ngurah Rai is situated here. Since my first visit to Bali “Denpasar” became so sweet word for me. It sounds like two pounds of candies for a sweet tooth. This is a city of contrasts. There are no high towers from glass and metal like in most Asian megacities. Actually Denpasar in Bali is not a megapolis, it’s just an Asian city from past. With small two-three level houses and old markets. They are not perfect at all but so chaming in its naivety. All this make this city so attractive for a typically metropolis inhabitant. It’s so breathtakingly to visit such places especially if you live among skyscrapers, like you’re traveling to past.

Let’s start our journey! Follow me

by bike across Denpasar Bali

The center of Bali – Denpasar street. Looks authentic.

Denpasar Bali streetAnd a river in the center of the city. Well, not very clean…

river in Denpasar Bali

One of the main streets. Like an old postcard except for these bikes and a car.

main street Denpasar Bali

The name of capital city Indonesian province Bali Denpasar – from Balinese words ‘den’ (north) and ‘pasar’ (market). The main markets are Pasar Kumbasari and Pasar Badung. Shopping in Denpasar is unusual breathtaking adventure. There are no spacious luxury malls, just authentical pasars (markets). You can find many various fruits, vegetables, spices, incense, handicraft and clothes (some local manufacturing and ‘made in China’ stuff sure, no one can do without it).


This is one of the markets. View from bridge

Pasar Badung Denpasar Bali

One more street view. Like the whole Bali Denpasar is very green city. I adore green tropical cities.

green street in Denpasar BaliLike magical island Bali Denpasar worth visiting. Hope you’ll like it!



Luxury hotels: Grand Hyatt Bali review

I adore discovering different places and look at the world from different points of view, so sometimes I stay at 10$ guesthouse, sometimes at a luxury hotel. Today I wanna tell you about one warm Christmas holiday. That time I visited one of the most famous luxury hotels of Bali – Grand Hyatt Bali. Well, that was a few years ago, but nothing has changed since then (recently I was nearby and dropped in to see what’s up with this place – everything’s ok). So that’s my Grand Hyatt Bali review. Here we go 😉

Grand Hyatt hotel’s location is quite right. Nusa Dua is the best place for a luxury hotel in Bali. Very calm ocean, private hotel’s beaches (in any other region of island all the beaches are public) and very clean streets outside the hotels. Grand Hyatt has it’s own private beach. Hotel’s territory is huge and there are two big pools and one kids pool. Well, let’s meet the hotel.

View of lobby and lobby bar.

Hyatt grand Bali

Beautiful Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua pond near the lobby with pink and white waterlilies Hyatt Bali

and lobby bar from outside

Grand Hyatt

All the lawns are well-groomed and generally landscaping is perfect.

Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua



And these little bridges and green roofs are incredible.

The Grand Hyatt

Let’s check the main building

The Grand Hyatt Bali

yup, it’s really grand like the territory

Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Bali

Garden view from the room

Hyatt Bali

and one more

Grand Hyatt review

Rooms are quite large, clean and have simple, bet comfortable design.

Grand Hyatt Bali Nusa Dua

Well, that time I was blond haired 😉


Grand Hyatt Bali room

Now let’s take a tour to Grand Hyatt Bali territory

Grand Hyatt Bali territory

And if rooms don’t have extraordinary design, hotel’s area is very bright and just perfect. Pools, restaurants and other buildings with green or orange roofs, beautiful ponds with waterlilies or gold fish. And the hotel area is constructed so smart that you feel almost alone in the whole world (in Paradise). This is perfect place for honeymoon or even for wedding (be sure Grand Hyatt Bali will gladly arrange your wedding on its beach).

Grand Hyatt Bali beach

On such pretty beach it’s gonna be ideal wedding.  Oh, those waves and sand… It must be Paradise! I adore lying in water when it’s low tide 😉

Grand Hyatt Bali Nusa Dua beach

Ocean is glorious, but Grand Hyatt hotel’s pools are gorgeous too. Especially lagoon pool.

Grand Hyatt pool

It’s incredible, enigmatic and

Grand Hyatt pool view

just the best pool I could imagine

Grand Hyatt pool photo





Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua pool

Main pool is rather ordinary designed, but it’s large and has ocean view. Just because of this view one can fall in love with hotel Grand Hyatt!

Grand Hyatt resort pool

Both pools are so large that you will be alone most time. That’s great for just married and those who are seeking calmness and relax.

Grand Hyatt pool review

One of my favorite photos with lagoon

Grand Hyatt resort review

Villas don’t look very attractive: small, without private pool and with very tiny garden. But anyway here one of them is

Grand Hyatt Bali villa

Grand Hyatt Bali resort reviews And in the end of my Grand Hyatt Bali review let’s see kid’s pool. I believe it rather suit infants. By the way during my two weeks stay at Grand Hyatt Bali I haven’t noticed many kids. It’s very calm here and I didn’t hear much noise.





Grand Hyatt kid's pool

It was rainy sometimes, but I like rain season in Bali.


See you soon, guys 😉